Thursday, August 14, 2014


As I sit here in our lounge and watch yet another sensational, awe-inspiring sunset I went to run and get my camera but it wasn’t where I thought I’d left it and I felt called to go back and soak in the beauty of it while it lasted. The lashings of fiery red across the sky, separated with dark pillows of cloud, with beams of gold fading into the distance.

As I did so I came to just praising God and feeling an overwhelming sense of awe, gratitude and humility. Awe and gratitude to God who ‘merely’ puts on a masterpiece of artwork every night, and humility in feeling that He who did this loves me so much that He was prepared to send His Son to die for me and my sin.

As the sky has darkened and the beauty of the sunset has gone, I feel blessed and reassured. Blessed to have witnessed one of the most stunning pieces of ‘art’ I have ever seen. And reassured that even though at times in our lives there is no evident beauty and everything around us is dark, that tomorrow is a new day.  And that even if not tomorrow, the sun will shine once again in our lives at some stage in the horizon.

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