Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Up until a few weeks ago I had thought that I had had 10 lots of neurosurgery in the past 20 years. However, while on holiday recently my mother found that at the back of a book that she had thought was unused, was a journal she wrote during a traumatic time in 2004 when I was having neurosurgery.

Because I have no memory or record of that time I thought I would type the journal up to use in blogs. I was astounded in doing so to find that I didn’t only have one lot of neurosurgery during that time but three. I actually had very similar brain trauma as to what happened with my six lots of neurosurgery in eight days back in 2000, except this was three operatioins in three weeks.

Discovering this gave me a new understanding as to why I now have what my specialists have described as a “huge amount” of scar tissue in my brain, and that it is this that is now causing the pain I live with.

Reading this journal gave me a renewed appreciation of how incredibly blessed I am to be alive, and to be in the positive space that I am in with my life now.

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